Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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1. What is MyCpdZw.?

MyCpdZw Is A Platform To Provide Online Medical Education For Continuous Professional Development To All Health Care Professionals And Management Of Continuous Professional Development Points.It Is A Product Of The VAKA Health Foundation.

2. How Do I Register To Be A Member Of MyCpdZw?

You Can Register By Entering Your Email Address Details Including Registration Number And Password Then You Click Register Now On The MyCpdZw Home Page.

3. How Do I Get And Register My CPD Points?

After Registering To Be A User On MyCpdZw, You Have To Subscribe By Paying An Annual Subscription For You To Be Able To Access CPD Activities On The Platform. If You Subscribe You Will Then Do The Available CPD Activities Which Will Have Predetermined Points. The Points From Each Activity That You Pass Will Then Be Credited To Your Account Automatically, And You Will Be Able To Access The CPD Points You Have At Any Particular Moment By Clicking My Points When You Are Logged In.

4. How Many Points Do I Need To Get A Certificate?

The Points To Acquire A Certificate Vary Depending On Your Membership Category E.G Nurse, Pharmacist, Doctor ETC As Set By Your Respective Councils For Each Category. Councils Set The Required Number Of CPD Points You Need For You To Get A Certificate.You Can Access The Number Of Points Required For Your Profession By Checking Your Account On Clicking My Points After Logging In.

5. What Type Of Offline Activities Qualify For Cpd Points?

Offline Activities Need To Be Qualified/Accredited By The Respective Council Or CPD Providers As CPD Activities And They Need To Be Verified By The Supervisors Before Uploading The Form For Consolidation Of Points. These Activities May Include Conferences, Lectures, Discussions And Teachings.

6. If I Get More Points Than I Need In A Year, Can The Surplus Be Forwarded Into The Following Year?

Unfortunately No. The Purpose Of My Cpd Is To Assess Current Learning And Training

7. How Do I Submit The Points I Got Offline To Be Added To My Total Points Online?

At The End Of Each Year, You Should Submit Your Offline CPD Form For Compilation Of The Total Points. You Do That By Logging Onto The Website For MyCpdZw, Go To CPD Form In Your Profile And Then Upload Then Upload Your CPD Form. All The CPD Activities On The Form Should Be Verified By The Supervisors For It To Be Considered As Valid Before Uploading. If There Is No Verification, The Form Is Not Valid And The CPD Points On The Form Will Be Rejected

8. What Happens If I Fail To Get The Cpd Points I Need To Get A Certificate?

Your Registration Body/Council Will Make An Effort To Determine The Reason For Any Shortfall And Will Do What They Deem Necessary To Remedy The Situation Which May Include Penalties.